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Greg Kempton*

"I Love the car business and the dealers that run them. The best part of my 33 year career is traveling to your town. Seeing your business, your sons and daughters and watching all of it grow. Getting out on the road traveling between towns where the dealerships are still the center of town and focal point of the community is wonderful to see. I have many clients that have been with us now for thirty plus years. I still get charged up helping Dealers and their families with their personal and business financial goals. You can expect me soon to swing by your city or town. I'll take in your family store and those loved ones around you that make it work!"

Greg has been married to Diane for for 31 years. Two children who are now young adults, Adam and Madison. A 1987 graduate of the Unviesity of South Florida. Kempton enjoys studying history, fishing, traveling and the outdoors. He also enjoys finding and exploring your local "foodie" joints in your town! Spending time with his family is primary. The roots of the Dealer Life Group go back to my father Arthur A. Kempton, Jr. who passed away in 2016 at age 81. Greg says Art was his only hero.