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Our Mission

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We understand the world of owning and operating a franchised new car dealership. Your world we are remarkably familiar. It is amazing to watch our friends and clients run a large multi-point car dealership across a state or a small family dealership in a small rural community where mom and dad have been operating a generational store. You all have to be experts in some many areas. Let our team help you preserve and protect one of the most significant assets in your entire estate. Your car dealership.

Your business is your retirement plan in many cases. Our advisors have a combined 70 plus years of experience with helping our car dealership owners plan for and pass on the family business to the next generation. Sometimes it is finding a key person in your store to help in the transition while a buyer can be found in the event of a health issue or premature death of the owner. Sometimes it preparing your son or daughter to be the next dealer.

Working with a franchised car dealership is our area of focus. We understand families, businesses, and the factory. The connecting points surrounding them are complex. The Dealer Life Group was founded in 1974.

Our emphasis for nearly 50 years has been on these very points. The unique circumstances each family brings. We work in all fifty states, in person, over the phone or virtually to listen. To Listen to your situation, create a plan for generational ownership for your family and the business you have worked so hard to build.

Our mission to Protect car dealerships, their owners, families and partners now and forever with personal connection to the issues that arise with owning a franchised car dealership. The legacy the owner has created and wants to continue to their children, spouses, or other partners. The products we offer can be obtained anywhere. They are important , it’s the tools and techniques unique to a car dealership’s succession plan or estate plan that are primary.

Please give us a call or shoot us a note. We will be pleased to visit with you and your family and listen.

Please reach out for more personalized information. 

Thank you!