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Life Insurance –

Having proper life insurance coverage is important for you family and your dealership. Many dealers have some protection, but do you know if that coverage will be there when you need it most? Some plans decrease over time, and others are not portable if you are not a dealer. Our suite of life insurance programs will provide full protection for you and will be there when your family and dealership needs it most. We focus on reviewing all of your current coverage that you may have, and coming up with a strategy that best fits your needs.

One of the most beneficial plans that dealers take advantage of is the Group Carve Out. It provides them with a protection strategy for themselves and their dealership. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increasingly competitive cash-value policies and individual term rates have made the group carve-out approach more attractive economically.
  • The general prohibition against individual selection in determining the amount of coverage for employees, regardless of their individual insurance needs, makes group-term life coverage inadequate for many executives.
  • Group-term life coverage may terminate at retirement or selling of the dealership. Group carve-out enables the employee to secure permanent, post-retirement coverage.
  • Group-term life does not accumulate tax-deferred cash values, which can be accomplished in a separate individual policy.
  • Group carve-out assures the employee of portable life insurance coverage that will not expire if he or she leaves the dealership.

Long Term Care Protection –

Why look into Long Term Care protection?  There are planning solutions that respect those with wealth and make sense to your overall financial planning. We all age, can get sick, could need care, care is expensive.  We have plans to mitigate the consequences of not having a plan in place and preserve your legacy. Leverage your good health as well as take advantage of current business tax laws. We are in tune with your needs and your elite successful status.   

Control the outcome of your income & take advantage of your exclusive opportunities:   

High deductible, unlimited joint benefits, legacy protection using deductible business dollars as well as qualified accounts for funding options.  The closer you are to retirement the more important this becomes. The younger you are the greater the advantages. Whatever stage you are in, the time is now to look at this planning tool.

Executive Benefits –

Providing benefits to dealers and their key employees is more important then ever. Here are a few of the ways we can help with that:

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Arrangement

Providing compensation and benefits to owner-dealers, key executives and other highly skilled employees is a continuing concern to dealerships. However, the increasingly restrictive regulatory environment imposed on qualified retirement plans, coupled with the costs of plan administration, anti-discrimination rules and caps on contributions and benefits, has made executive benefit planning through nonqualified arrangements more attractive.

Deferred compensation arrangements provide dealerships with a nonqualified planning tool that rewards selected participants by helping them create financial security for retirement, death, and/or disability. The participants are generally one or more hand-picked, highly compensated employees. A nonqualified arrangement may be used as a supplement to, or as a substitute for, a qualified retirement plan.

A key benefit is flexibility. Not only can employers provide generous benefits to select key employees, including a different level of benefits for different employees, but the arrangement can be further customized to suit many individual fact situations. No government-imposed minimum vesting or funding standards apply, and paperwork and administrative costs can be kept to a minimum.

Key Person Life Insurance

Nearly every dealership has dealer principals and employees who are critical to the overall success and profitability of the business. The loss of a key employee’s skills, talents and experience can be difficult or even devastating. To help protect against the economic loss caused by the death of such an employee, a dealership can purchase insurance on the key employee's life. Key employee life insurance is not a specific type of life insurance policy, but rather an effective use of life insurance within the business.

The purpose of key employee insurance is to help protect a business from economic losses that can occur when a key employee dies.

A business can typically suffer in four ways if a key employee dies:

(1) A loss of management skill and experience.

This can be particularly devastating for companies without management depth.

(2) A disruption in sales or service. 

When a key employee's talents are vital to these areas, the business is certain to suffer. Further, if clients recognize the key employee as vital to the business operations, they may delay orders or refrain from doing business until they find out how the organization will respond to this loss.

(3) Credit difficulties.

A drop in business income may make it more difficult to make credit payments. In addition, creditors may hesitate to extend loans or favorable credit terms to a business that has lost a key employee, particularly if that employee's talents or resources were factors that encouraged the creditor to extend loans or special terms in the past.

(4) The expense of hiring and training a replacement. 

Even if the company can promote from within, business losses may continue to accrue until the key employee's replacement becomes thoroughly familiar with the job.

401k Retirement Plans –

Providing a competitive 401k plan is key in attracting and retaining high quality personnel at your dealership. Our top priorities are to provide the tools and services needed to assist with the administration of the plan, and to help prepare employees for retirement. These are a few key areas that we address with this:

Investment and fiduciary programs:

We understand the importance of selecting investments that are appropriate for each retirement plan. We have to options that best fit your plan, both Pre-Screened and Open Architecture.

Plan Services:

We believe in teamwork; therefore, local services are provided across the country. Our offices are staffed with experienced retirement plan professionals who provide personalized services at every point of contact. Our professionals understand your dealerships local and national issues that are important to you and your employees.

Employee Retirement Education:

We understand that communication and education programs must be unique to your dealership. Having a relevant and motivating education plan is key to employee participation. Our education tools offer employees the resources to help move them closer to their retirement goals.

Employee Benefits –

Employer-sponsored retirement and group insurance benefits may or may not already play an important role in the daily life of your family. If you haven’t already, get to know the benefits your can offer your employees.

The companies of OneAmerica® work with companies of all sizes to give employees access to group life and disability insurance , Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plans (AD&D) and other benefits. Voluntary or company paid. It's a core benefit many of our clients own. If you would like more information about our employee benefits products and services, please contact us here

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